Syklo: Guía Rootstock network

Rootstock, the first and oldest Bitcoin sidechain, is now listed on the decentralized P2P exchange Syklo, enabling hundreds of users to spend or acquire tokens from the Rootstock ecosystem.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps to operate Rootstock tokens in the custody-less Syklo wallet.

Mar 13, 2024 | News

Step 1.

Inform Syklo from which deposit address you will spend or receive, for example, RBTC.

Step 2.

Look through the list of compatible payment methods for the currency you want to set up.

For convenience, in Syklo, RBTC is quoted using the US dollar as a reference. It is recommended to use the Defiant wallet to make transactions. (Although the payment method is identified as 'Defiant RBTC', you can use the service, wallet, or provider of your choice).

Step 3.

Set a unique tag for your payment method and indicate the Rootstock deposit address.

Step 4.

Having set up your Rootstock deposit address, navigate to the buy/sell menu.

Step 5.

Start by selecting your preferred payment method, followed by entering the desired amount of funds. Finally, click on 'Sell' to initiate the transaction. The best exchange offer will be automatically suggested to you.

HELPFUL: You can view all available offers before making your request by visiting the ad explorer at https://explorer.syklo.io/

Step 6.

Carefully review the exchange details and hold down the 'Accept' button for a few seconds. Your counterpart will be notified of your intention to proceed with the exchange.

Step 7.

When your counterpart accepts the exchange, the transaction status will update, changing from 'Pending' to 'Accepted'. From that point, a countdown of a couple of minutes will start for your RBTC to be deposited into the configured address.

Syklo is a custody-less USDC wallet that offers advanced smart contract functions on the Stellar blockchain, enabling asset exchange even when counterparts do not know each other, eliminating the need for trust in negotiations.

Step 8.

When your RBTC is sent, the transaction status will update to 'Confirmed'. Check your available balance in the external deposit address and confirm the receipt of funds so your counterpart can receive payment for the acquired RBTC.

First, receive the tokens in trade - RBTC in this case - and then release the payment to the seller.

Now, how do you get Syklo balance?

Knowledge articles are available on How do I recharge my Syklo account, as well as the quick start guide where you can learn all relevant aspects of the Syklo WebApp.

About Syklo

Syklo is a custody-less USDC wallet, built on the public repository of the Air protocol, accessible from almost any web browser. It facilitates easy, secure, and low-cost exchange of FIAT and crypto assets among people who may not even know each other, through smart contracts on the Stellar blockchain.

Operating since 2021, Syklo aims to connect local financial systems and be the preferred bridge for fund transfers among different banks, payment platforms, and crypto wallets.

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