Send and receive funds in a secure manner.

Syklo is the first peer-to-peer application on Air Protocol that allows to send, receive, buy, and sell DAI anywhere in the world. Syklo has no custody of your funds. The P2P transactions are done with an "escrow" on the BSC Blockchain and   a Smart Contract; making them secure, economic and transparent.

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Disponible para iOS, Android y Huawei.

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Sell DAI


In Syklo we have no custody of your funds. It's your money and it's under your control.

Peer to Peer

Send, receive, buy, and sell peer-to-peer in an easy, fast and safe way.


On the P2P transactions a digital escrow is deployed on the Blockchain to safeguard your funds.

No Censorship

Transactions are decentralized through the use of the BSC Blockchain.

Air Protocol

Open and decentralized protocol that allows transactions to be censorship resistant.

Smart Contracts

Your transactions are protected by the use of Smart Contracts on the Blockchain.


Put a buy order, choose the payment method and wait until another user takes it.

Pay your counterpart.

Receive your DAI.

Send DAI

Invite your acquaintances to download and register on Syklo.

Enter the email of the person you want to send money to.

Send the DAIs.

Sell DAI

Your acquaintance can create a sell order on his desired payment method and wait until another user takes his offer.

Verify the payment and confirm it on the app.

Multiple payment methods

Are you a trader?

Buy and sell DAI by helping others to send money to their families.

Generate your own buy and sell offers

Participate in available transactions

Earn money and keep on trading

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